Maple Tool Set


Image of Maple Tool Set

You've been asking for more tools and they're finally here! Included with this tool set is one weaving comb, one 12" stick shuttle, and one 8" stick shuttle.

Each item is made from maple, a hardwood, so they have a great weight to them and will last as long as you need them. They're handcrafted in the Midwest by my long time loom maker, Dustin Stewart of DG Stewart Hardgoods, and match the other maple looms and tools offered by Smile and Wave.


-one maple weaving comb
-one 8" maple stick shuttle
-one 12" maple stick shuttle


Items ship out within 3-5 business days of payment received. Returns available within two weeks of receiving your item. Shipping with returns will only be reimbursed if your item was damaged.

US shipping only at this time.


Image of Maple Tool Set Image of Maple Tool Set